Buyers Inspection

Once you have found the perfect home for your growing family, and your offer has been accepted, now is the time to have the house professionally inspected
to ensure that it will remain your dream home well into the future. The inspection should be scheduled as soon as possible so that any deficiencies/defects
that are uncovered can be addressed prior to the closing of the contingency period to avoid a prolonged real estate transaction.

Unless the house you are buying is in a severe state of neglect, most of your inspection will consist of maintenance recommendations, life expectancies,
and cosmetic defects. These are nice to know about, however the issues that really matter fall into these categories:

  • Major defects or flaws in construction.
  • Items that may lead to major defects.
  • Unsafe / Hazardous Conditions.


A seller-purchased home inspection can be a very important and favorable aspect in the Real Estate transaction process for the seller. This inspection can alert
you to potential problems that will most likely be revealed during a pre-purchase inspection.  Typically, most items noted are of deferred maintenance and other
minor cosmetic issues which can be addressed usually with minimal cost. It can not be stressed enough how important it is to take care of these little issues,
so that a future inspection will progress without red flags popping up at every inspection component. Real estate professionals are trained to market and sell
houses and are often unable to give an accurate assessment of what might be wrong with the home. It takes a trained, experienced "eye" to see potential
defects, determine the cause, and convey a method of effective repair.

Families grow and over time, their homes become part of themselves. However, this comfort zone is what allows the neglect of broken hardware, no insulation,
wood rot, gutter and flashing issues etc. to affect the entire structure of a home. After many years, and due to our busy lives, these changes can go unnoticed,
that's why it is makes sense to have a professional inspect your property to bring the importance of these problems to your attention before listing. Transforming
your house into an efficient, well maintained home will greatly increase your home selling opportunities.