Inside-Out is privately owned and operated and has successfully been in business since 2005.   I am a Coast Guard retiree
with 25 years of hands on experience facilitating home repairs and upgrades.  Prior professional experience in this field includes a ten
year business in home repairs and eight years operating a renovation and remodeling company, and still active as a home consultant.

Having your future home inspected by Inside-Out Home Inspections
is a smart decision as few people outside the building trades know where to look for “ areas of concern”.   As building materials and construction methods continually evolve, the inspection business has to stay relevant in order to provide a much needed service.   A keen sense and an accurate attention to detail are paramount during the course of an inspection.  Therefore, meetings, technical classes and live training are regularly attended, which provide current information and the opportunity to share ideas and inspection techniques.  Furthermore, this should provide a higher level of comfort knowing that your inspector has the professional skills to perform at a peak level.   

My promise to you is that I will exhaust every effort to provide you what is needed to make a sound decision on your home purchase.  

ASHI Certification # 248213     Virginia Certification# 3380-000300